Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun w/ Horses and Friends :)

Last friday, the teachers have a work day... so this meant no kids. On this fun but rare occasions that I get to get off campus instead of doing rehab I get the blessed opportunity to head out and play in the woods :) with my friends Jill and Alyssa. Jill is one of our study hall teachers as well as the JV girls basketball coach, so she takes the day off, since she has no grades to report. The horses are Jill's. She and I plan riding trips often, and I love getting to ride. This day we went to Fant's Grove in Clemson. They have tons of trails!!
And Alyssa, well she is one of our previous players/students at PHS. She is super mature and is going to school to be an Occupational Therapist (she wanted to do Athletic Training- but sees my hours and opted out :)) She is also a great friend and one of Gehrig's favorite sitters :)!!!

This is how our morning began, only 1 mile from Jill's house the truck blew white smoke and lost power, we drifted to the church parking lot and waited for Jill's son Cole to come to our rescue... you would think 3 females, hood up and a truck someone would stop... LOL - NOT! Turned out the truck was out of oil, Thank God that it didn't ruin the truck!!!
Alyssa and Dusty
Me and Smokey. I sometimes ride Sissy, a quarter horse of Jill's, but this day we brought the "boys". They were great, and a much smoother ride. Smokey is a new addition to Jill's farm, and I love riding him! We will have to watch him during the summer though, as we take the horses out to the lake on the trails. Jill has discovered that both Dusty and Smokey LOVE the water, which means getting rolled or going swimming.
Jill and Doley - he foundered last year and we haven't been able to take him on long trips, he was seriously sowing some oats this day! We came to a log that both Dusty and Smokey stepped over, Doley came up and JUMPED IT - NEVER has jumped before, and totally shocked Jill :) I didn't get to see, Smokey was taking me under another low tree that had fallen and i was hugging his back to not loose my head :)
This should be a poster for not texting while riding!!! LOL. I took this over my head pointed back. Jill said it wouldn't turn out :) SUPRISE!
It's days like these I love. Getting away from the hum-drum and really getting to enjoy all that God shows us through nature. Even the rocks cry out... PRAISE HIM!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Atlanta Passion Play...

In The Beginning Was The Word | APP 2010

FBA’s Easter Classic the Atlanta Passion Play is back again this year with a newly created production that portrays the life of Jesus, from His miracles to His resurrection and ascension.

The official site is:

I just HAD to write something about this!!!! :) I attended yesterday afternoon with my Parents, and Aunt Pat (dad's sis) who traveled the 10 hours from WV. To come and see their younger daughter and son-in-law perform onstage! They were both AMAZING!!! Adrienne is in tons of the scenes as one of the chorus members and dancer. AND actually helped create a great deal on the sets and was at the church constantly. She is such the social butterfly and God so used every bit of that for the past 2 months preparation for this journey she and Jay were on.

And Jay... well he was Simon PETER... :) and I have never been so proud!!! To hear him sing was amazing, but you could see in his demeanor that he held an audience of ONE - the only ONE that mattered! It was an amazing play starting in the beginning... even w/ adam and Eve. Each year the play has some different aspect of it to show out of the scriptures. I won't ruin it for you in case you'd like to attend... but WOW.

I also have to say that God has so answered prayer, in that I have seen such a peace about my sister that I haven't before. They both belong at First Baptist in Atlanta. I am a gushing Proud older sister. Of my sis and her husband, to all those who put together this drama, and the God who made it all come together.


They have shows all next weekend as well. it's being held at the ATLANTA Civic Center. Please be praying for all those who attend, for the workers, the actors and all involved.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Name on the front of the Jersey....

Do you know the Definition of the word MIRACLE?
Miracle: an event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature, held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God.

I have to admit to you, I LOVE sports!! every aspect of them!!! From the time and preparation it takes to go the
extra yard, to the impossible task or defeating the "Big Bad Rival".My movie tastes also fall into those categories.My
faves include: Remember the Titans, Blind Side, For the love of the Game, The Natural, Seabiscuit, Friday Night Lights,
and most of all Miracle.
After watching the USA team take it to overtime on Sunday with Canada, I find myself watching the movie all over
again. Nothing beats the 1980's team, in my eyes. A team that did the unthinkable. Defeated a team built solely for
playing hockey in what was once the USSR. Truly a countries name not even recognized by ANY history student,
unless they seriously pay attention. This story line is full of passion and an extreme goal.

Herb Brooks was known as on of the best Ice Hockey coach's, who put together a team of young men, united for one
goal, to win the gold medal- taking it away from the Soviets. He took athletes from not only his own team, but others
he had played, to bring together the "right" team. They all had specific purpose and tasks given to them, to work together
as the unit Brooks needed. They didn't always understand the method to his madness, however, they did understand the
goal they were trying to obtain.
I see the same thing when I look across the body of Christ. We are all united for His Glory, His Renown, we are never
from the same backgrounds and are as diverse as the 1980 USA hockey team, who ultimately won the gold medal.
But, oh what those boys went through to get there. I see this daily in the lives of saints that are around me.
From challenges in marriages, to singleness, divorces, and oh yes, don't forget our insecurities. Fallen pastors,
earthquakes, starvation, our culture in general. We are all pushing ourselves to get to the ultimate goal, and boy does
our culture give it to us in the chops.

One thing I constantly seem to forget, is that we are all on the same team. My mind so many times doesn't wrap
itself around my role in all of it. I am a team player, however, at times my role is just simply following orders, to
condition myself with prayer, to be ready to do battle by keeping my mind in the Word. To shine my Light in the
darkness of places in which I have the experience of life to show others there is a God that you can trust. Yet to also
come along side the player to my right or left, to pass the puck so to speak, when needed, or skate harder, or press
into conditioning more. We may all be from various places, but God saw us fit as His team, to bring Him Glory.

Besides the ending of this movie, which I have pretty much ruined for you, the scene tag below is my favorite.
There is a line Brooks says, " You need to get it through your head, the name on the front of the
jersey, is a "heck-of-a" lot more important than the one on the back", the scene doesn't end there. They continued
until the team captain, Mike Eruizone, says his name, and states he plays for the USA. Brooks had done it, brought a team together unified to fight a tough Soviet team, and onto the gold medal.
Jesus did the same for us. We took off our old "team" jersey's and replaced them with the name YHWH on the front, because the name on the back truly is irrelevant. As we continue to be "conditioned" as athletes, striving toward the prize, I hope we too can lay aside our old teams, and theories, and run the race with the passion of our coach, desiring to honor and Glorify His Father's name. We are apart of that team. We may have to face some serious opponents. Yet our "Coach" has worn our skin, has walked this earth, has sat on the bench and played His game, so we can play in His.

Father, thank you for allowing an incomplete teammate like myself onto your team. I know that ultimately the prize is won, and we will see the victory - let me use my daily conditioning to your Glory, and never let me forget the name on the front of the jersey is the one i represent! I am a called, chosen, and faithful follower, let me do you proud. I love you!

Ps. 138
I will praise you, O LORD, with all my heart;
before the "gods" I will sing your praise.
I will bow down toward your holy temple and will praise
your name for your love and faithfulness,
for YOU have exalted above all things
When I called, you answered me;
you made me bold and stouthearted.
May all the kings of the earth praise you, O LORD,
when they hear the words of your mouth.
May they sing of the ways of the LORD,
for the glory of the LORD is great.
Though the LORD is on high, He looks upon the lowly,
but the proud he knows from afar.
Though i walk in the midst of trouble, you preserve mu life;
you stretch out your hand against the anger of my foes,
with your right hand you save me.
The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me; your love, O LORD,
endures forever do not abandon the works of your hands.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekend Doggie fun....

After working the Anderson Co baseball Tournament where Palmetto beat Pendleton (Go Mustangs). I got to return home to my wonderful little home and enjoy some down time..
This was much needed after last weekend spending it in bed w/ a fever and bronchitis... (when i get a cold i know how to do it right)
So on Sunday after teaching the little 4's and 5's about Jesus' healing the blind man, went to mexican with Michelle. Then came home and decided to call up our softball coach and see if the dogs could do a play date in Greenville at the Park. Reedy River aka Falls Park is in Downtown Greenville.

Fran has a Golden Retriever named Jack. Gehrig LOVES to play and Jack is a good buddy. So we met up in Greenville, and walked thru the Dog explosion due to the 50 degree weather on Sunday there were at least 60 dogs out!

Crazy dog time... We ventured up to a wonderful Dog store called the Barkery Bistro ( This is their web
They have the most wonderful gifts and toys for the Kids :)
We then ventured down to the park... here are some fun pics :) LOL!!

Me ( the rag doll in the middle) while Jack and Gehrig think it's play time :) Gehrig is 55 pounds of pure muscle, and Jack while her height is about 100 lbs!!! (you can only see the blurry grey tail in this one)

notice how i have my feet planted, this is to not fly thru the air .... I literally could not do anything BUT laugh!!!

My attempt to talk to Jack out of running, Gehrig is sniffing something...

This is my friend Fran, with her "boy" Jack. (notice the falls behind them)

Me and my Gal :)

This pic is actually one of the first ones before the battle :) We had a blast... I couldn't believe that Fran had taken all those pics of the "chase" but it proved for good laughs!