Sunday, March 21, 2010

Atlanta Passion Play...

In The Beginning Was The Word | APP 2010

FBA’s Easter Classic the Atlanta Passion Play is back again this year with a newly created production that portrays the life of Jesus, from His miracles to His resurrection and ascension.

The official site is:

I just HAD to write something about this!!!! :) I attended yesterday afternoon with my Parents, and Aunt Pat (dad's sis) who traveled the 10 hours from WV. To come and see their younger daughter and son-in-law perform onstage! They were both AMAZING!!! Adrienne is in tons of the scenes as one of the chorus members and dancer. AND actually helped create a great deal on the sets and was at the church constantly. She is such the social butterfly and God so used every bit of that for the past 2 months preparation for this journey she and Jay were on.

And Jay... well he was Simon PETER... :) and I have never been so proud!!! To hear him sing was amazing, but you could see in his demeanor that he held an audience of ONE - the only ONE that mattered! It was an amazing play starting in the beginning... even w/ adam and Eve. Each year the play has some different aspect of it to show out of the scriptures. I won't ruin it for you in case you'd like to attend... but WOW.

I also have to say that God has so answered prayer, in that I have seen such a peace about my sister that I haven't before. They both belong at First Baptist in Atlanta. I am a gushing Proud older sister. Of my sis and her husband, to all those who put together this drama, and the God who made it all come together.


They have shows all next weekend as well. it's being held at the ATLANTA Civic Center. Please be praying for all those who attend, for the workers, the actors and all involved.

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  1. That's so neat Holly. What a blessing that you were able to see your sister and brother-in-law using their talents for the Lord and to see such a change in your sister.
    Is First Baptist in Atlanta where Charles Stanley is pastor?

    Have a good week!