Friday, March 26, 2010

Fun w/ Horses and Friends :)

Last friday, the teachers have a work day... so this meant no kids. On this fun but rare occasions that I get to get off campus instead of doing rehab I get the blessed opportunity to head out and play in the woods :) with my friends Jill and Alyssa. Jill is one of our study hall teachers as well as the JV girls basketball coach, so she takes the day off, since she has no grades to report. The horses are Jill's. She and I plan riding trips often, and I love getting to ride. This day we went to Fant's Grove in Clemson. They have tons of trails!!
And Alyssa, well she is one of our previous players/students at PHS. She is super mature and is going to school to be an Occupational Therapist (she wanted to do Athletic Training- but sees my hours and opted out :)) She is also a great friend and one of Gehrig's favorite sitters :)!!!

This is how our morning began, only 1 mile from Jill's house the truck blew white smoke and lost power, we drifted to the church parking lot and waited for Jill's son Cole to come to our rescue... you would think 3 females, hood up and a truck someone would stop... LOL - NOT! Turned out the truck was out of oil, Thank God that it didn't ruin the truck!!!
Alyssa and Dusty
Me and Smokey. I sometimes ride Sissy, a quarter horse of Jill's, but this day we brought the "boys". They were great, and a much smoother ride. Smokey is a new addition to Jill's farm, and I love riding him! We will have to watch him during the summer though, as we take the horses out to the lake on the trails. Jill has discovered that both Dusty and Smokey LOVE the water, which means getting rolled or going swimming.
Jill and Doley - he foundered last year and we haven't been able to take him on long trips, he was seriously sowing some oats this day! We came to a log that both Dusty and Smokey stepped over, Doley came up and JUMPED IT - NEVER has jumped before, and totally shocked Jill :) I didn't get to see, Smokey was taking me under another low tree that had fallen and i was hugging his back to not loose my head :)
This should be a poster for not texting while riding!!! LOL. I took this over my head pointed back. Jill said it wouldn't turn out :) SUPRISE!
It's days like these I love. Getting away from the hum-drum and really getting to enjoy all that God shows us through nature. Even the rocks cry out... PRAISE HIM!


  1. How fun! I love the pictures.
    I haven't been horse back riding in years.
    My cousin had horses when we were growing up. I always rode with her because I was a big chicken.
    In later years I would go riding at the stables where you go on trails and pay to do that. My horse walked straight into the water and I had to have help getting out.
    I've always thought it was fun though.
    Glad you had such a fun day off. Looks like the weather was super nice too.
    So, do you get the summers off?
    Talk to you soon!

  2. Hey. we used to ride that way as well. But me being the animal lover, started volunteering to go to stables in the winter in WV and "work out" the trail horses in the winter time. So i got pretty comfortable with them. Sissy - not pictured here, is one of Jills, we took her out last fall with Dusty and met up with a group of retired gentlemen who get to ride theirs pretty much daily. Well we didn't ride we ran :) Sissy is a quarter horse, so she is pretty bumpy to ride at a run. we stopped at lake hartwell to water them, and i knew she was exhausted, so i jumped down and took her out. Well she wouldn't drink. So i get back in the saddle and she starts to drink - silly huh. The guys with us made the comment she may dunk you, to which Jill replies, she NEVER goes down in the water like her "boys" do. about that time - i felt her shift her weight and sure enough she was going in... i jumped just barely in time, and did manage to get my shoe caught in the stirrup, i went home and purchased my boots after that :) LOL... the guys never let jill forget that she should never say NEVER :)

  3. How are you doing Holly?
    I'm finally taking time to check all of my favorite blogs this evening.
    Just wanted to check in.
    Hope you're enjoying the summer.
    Do you get much of a break since school's out?

  4. Are you doing the Scripture memorization again on the LPM blog?
    I sure hope so and hope to see you in Houston in 2012!
    Happy New Year!!!