Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Weekend Doggie fun....

After working the Anderson Co baseball Tournament where Palmetto beat Pendleton (Go Mustangs). I got to return home to my wonderful little home and enjoy some down time..
This was much needed after last weekend spending it in bed w/ a fever and bronchitis... (when i get a cold i know how to do it right)
So on Sunday after teaching the little 4's and 5's about Jesus' healing the blind man, went to mexican with Michelle. Then came home and decided to call up our softball coach and see if the dogs could do a play date in Greenville at the Park. Reedy River aka Falls Park is in Downtown Greenville.

Fran has a Golden Retriever named Jack. Gehrig LOVES to play and Jack is a good buddy. So we met up in Greenville, and walked thru the Dog explosion due to the 50 degree weather on Sunday there were at least 60 dogs out!

Crazy dog time... We ventured up to a wonderful Dog store called the Barkery Bistro ( This is their web sitewww.thebarkerybistro.com)
They have the most wonderful gifts and toys for the Kids :)
We then ventured down to the park... here are some fun pics :) LOL!!

Me ( the rag doll in the middle) while Jack and Gehrig think it's play time :) Gehrig is 55 pounds of pure muscle, and Jack while her height is about 100 lbs!!! (you can only see the blurry grey tail in this one)

notice how i have my feet planted, this is to not fly thru the air .... I literally could not do anything BUT laugh!!!

My attempt to talk to Jack out of running, Gehrig is sniffing something...

This is my friend Fran, with her "boy" Jack. (notice the falls behind them)

Me and my Gal :)

This pic is actually one of the first ones before the battle :) We had a blast... I couldn't believe that Fran had taken all those pics of the "chase" but it proved for good laughs!

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  1. Looks like y'all had a wonderful time!
    You're so tiny I don't know how you didn't fly through the air. :)

    Glad you're feeling better!

    Love the pics!!!